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Cintia Le Corre
Chairman, Harmony Corporation

Care, a simple and common word that conveys a strong emotion. That emotion is integral to developing and strengthening relationships as well as improving the quality of work done.
RY Group’s transformation into this kind of firm is bound by our care for the healthcare industry and the development of the same. This principle of care is followed across all levels of our organization and is embodied into the services we provide.
We recognized the need for a solution for healthcare professionals where, they could build hospitals/clinics/etc., through a single entity/company that could handle the entire process and execution of uniquely customized projects.
Thus, through care, we have C.A.R.E, which stands for Conceptualization, Approvals, Review and Execution; an amalgamation of all the services we provide, neatly fit into our philosophy of strengthening client relationships and the development of the healthcare industry.

Our approach towards work.


The birth of a project. With our team of interior designers and consultants,we assess all options that would enable the successful management of the development process for each of our projects. Each of the wide-ranging and constantly evolving functions of a hospital, including highly complicated mechanical, electrical, and telecommunications systems, require specialized knowledge and expertise. Over and above this, space-planning and color scheme co-ordination also play an important part in the interior design. To this end, RY Group makes sure that we put every thought into comfort and functionality as well as creating an interior that is unique to each project.


Building healthcare requires specific attention to certain functional elements of the building. The design of the same is influenced by site restraints and opportunities, climate, surrounding facilities, budget, and available technology. The need to integrate these functional elements in the proper manner is reflected in the breadth and specificity of regulations, codes and oversight that govern hospital construction and operations.

Here at RY Group, it is essential that all designs and plans in general, are approved by the necessary authorities before we can go forward with the execution of the same. This allows for the efficiently obstacle-free development of all healthcare facilities.


Reviews ensure the proper manifestation of a project envisioned by the clients. Our team of interior designers and project consultants work closely with the clients to develop unique healthcare projects that are catered to their needs and specifications. RY Group takes the process of review seriously, as we feel it is integral to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and strengthening our relationship with them. Client specifications and needs will always be a priority in order to deliver a completely uniquely customized service package.


The planning, design, permissions and construction of healthcare facilities, is very hard to get done through a single firm. Execution of the same requires even more coordination with multiple firms and improper coordination and planning can halt the process for extended periods of time. These delays are both money and time-sinks which more often than not, lead to the death of a project.

We at RY Group however, are proud to have our own in-house team of contractors and a workforce, allowing us to properly develop our clients’ uniquely customized projects without any hitches, allowing for a timely and cost-efficient completion of the same. We pride ourselves on averaging out at 10 months for the completion of large projects, and an even smaller time-frame for smaller projects like clinics, healthcare centers, renovations, etc.